Mini-Dental Implants in the Birmingham Area

Both single-tooth dental implants and multi-tooth dental implants are effective ways to restore the appearance and functionality of a person’s mouth. Yet there is another option available for certain patients that has a much shorter treatment process and may be just as effective. That option at our practice serving Birmingham is mini-dental implants. With mini-dental implants, Dr. Michael Maniscalco can replace your missing teeth quickly and in less time than traditional dental implants. In just one or two visits, your smile and dental health will be restored.

What Are Mini-Dental Implants?

Mini-dental implants are similar to dental implantstraditional dental implants but require far less recovery time. In general, the principle is the same: special implant posts are anchored into a patient’s jawbone and gum tissue in order to support dental restorations, such as a partial denture or a dental bridge.

The mini-dental implants are smaller and narrower than traditional dental implants. Because of this, the mini-dental implants are best suited to restore incisors and smaller teeth of the lower jaw. This is because the lower jaw has better bone density than the upper jaw and is better able to support mini-dental implants. Missing canines and molars or missing teeth of the upper jaw are best dealt with using traditional dental implants.

How Do Mini-Dental Implants Work?

During the mini-dental implants procedure, the mini-dental implants are placed into the gum tissue and jaw bone through a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthetic. Given the smaller size of the mini-dental implants, this placement of mini-dental implants doesn’t require lengthy recovery time or stitches. Once the mini-dental implants are in place, the dental restoration is secured and ready to use that evening. All of this is completed in just over an hour.

Who are Good Candidates for Mini-Dental Implants?

The best candidates for mini-dental dental implantsimplants are patients who are missing incisors and smaller teeth from the lower jaw and are in good dental health overall. Good candidates need to have good bone density of the lower jaw and sufficient gum tissue in place to properly secure the mini-dental implants. Those who are not good candidates for mini-dental implants at our Birmingham area practice may still be good candidates for traditional implant dentistry.

Schedule a Consultation for Mini-Dental Implants Near Birmingham

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth in the lower jaw, mini-dental implants may be the solution for you. The process requires considerably less time than traditional implant dentistry and the results can be remarkably satisfying. To learn if this option for implant dentistry is right for you and your needs, contact our practice for mini-dental implants near Birmingham today.