Multi-Tooth Dental Implants in the Birmingham Area

dental implantsWhen you’re missing multiple teeth, you know just how much that can affect your appearance. You may be quite self-conscious about smiling or talking, even around people
that you know. You’ll also notice many dental health issues. You may not be able to eat certain foods anymore because of your missing teeth. Remaining teeth may shift out of position over time, and your bone density and gum health may be affected as well. It’s for this reason that many people have visited our office serving Birmingham for multi-tooth dental implants. Dr. Michael Maniscalco can help improve your overall appearance and restore your dental health.

What Are Multi-Tooth Dental Implants?

Multi-tooth dental implants are dental implants used to support dental bridges or dentures when a patient is missing multiple teeth. There are different ways that the multi-tooth dental implants can be used to help support these dental restorations.

How Do Multi-Tooth Dental Implants Work?

The multi-tooth dental implant treatment plan can be tailored to meet each patient’s needs. Oral surgery is performed to place the multi-tooth dental implants in the gap once occupied by the missing teeth. This will often involve placing multiple individual dental implants to support the dental restoration. In some cases, a bar or other support structure may be secured by multiple dental implants to secure the dental restoration.

Once the dental implants have properly integrated with your gum tissue and jawbone, they will then support dental bridges or dentures. The dental bridges or dentures will function just as a normal teeth and will be blended in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Who are Good Candidates for Multi-Tooth Dental Implants?

Good candidates for multi-tooth dental implants are dental implantspeople who are missing several teeth or multiple teeth in a row. Candidates for multi-tooth dental implants should be in good health and not suffer from any medical conditions that would prevent them from undergoing oral surgery.

Patients who are missing a single tooth or multiple individual teeth in different parts of the mouth would best benefit from single-tooth dental implants, which we also offer. In addition, if patients do not have sufficient bone density or gum density, bone grafting or gum augmentation may be an option to make a person eligible for multi-tooth dental implants.

Schedule a Consultation for Multi-Tooth Dental Implants Near Birmingham

For people missing multiple teeth, dental implants are a great option. Dental multi-tooth dental implants can secure dentures or dental bridges in place much better than denture creams and other options. For more information about missing teeth and implant dentistry, contact our practice for multi-tooth dental implants near Birmingham today.